Jul 12

JOB action trailer

I got a mail from Nico Zacek the other day, telling me that the Junkies On a Budget-trailer was on it’s way. Now that I saw it, I know it’s gonna be a sick movie! Take a look here:

I’m a part of the Winter Project-team, together with Simon Eriksson, Adam Falk, Per Jonsson and filmer Nicke Jacobsson. Looking forward to see the whole movie!

Jul 12

Product testing

Don’t know if washing and drying stuff is called product testing. But this was just too cool not to note. Just washed this jacket (Trail King Emergency Jacket), and the put it outside. After about five minutes, it was completely dry. Crazy…


Jul 12

Small video

Have been out fishing with Hansiii and some Frontside Fly guys (Ågren and Spade) for about ten days now. And… this is when we normally wake up:

Jul 12

Into the wild

Two days ago I left Stockholm, and now we’re quite a bit up north. Picked up Hasse in Malung yesterday morning. Stopped in Marja-land yesterday where we hooked up with Marja Persson and Gösta Fries. Had a super nice evening, and it was good to see Marja catch some trouts on her new fly rod. Good times!!!

Now we’re on the road north. I’m happy…

Bread. Beer. Cheese. We have coffee. That’s all we need!

I was worried about the car here. And it got worse… But it all went fine!

Marja and Gösta told us they left a hint, so that we would take the right path. Thank you!

We saw some of these, but then a rain storm kind of killed it…

Marja was killing it!