Sep 12


Changed my beloved Canyon bike a bit. Bought new tires, and moved on to tubeless. Feels good! And it seems like everybody loves it. So that’s sweet. Gonna go out and try it in the mud soon.


Sep 12

In the dark

Borrowed a Silva headlamp from Calle Friberg the other day. Wasn’t really sure about biking at night first, but… It was fun as hell. Special feeling. It’s getting darker fast in Sweden, so it’s good to be able to bike early mornings or evenings. Sweet!


Sep 12


Just picked up my car after the 30000 km service. Not a microscopical problem = so stoked on that car! Thanks to the awesome people at Volkswagen Akalla!


Sep 12


Started the more serious training before the season now. It’s not fun in the beginning…

Was biking with Calle Friberg the other day. He’s pretty much the fastest mtb dude in Sweden, and… Words are redundant. Not even his magic cookies helped me!

Went biking on my own a couple of days ago. Got lost, as usual. Guess it’s because I never dare to take that path that leads away, the other direction, so I learn some new tracks. Always lost.

Got a new t-shirt from The North Face that made me happy though! Home sweet dome… I like tents…

And! I bought some old Swedish books yesterday. It’s a classic Swedish series of five books. When I got home, I saw that no 3 was from the original edition from 1964, and signed by the author Per Anders Fogelström. Stoked!







Sep 12

Another sport

I’ve never been the biggest fan of wakeboard… But when I see girls going for it like this, you’ve got to give it to them! Bra ladd! As we say in Swedish.

Sep 12

Sushi Masters 2012

Per and Chris just visited us. I had some salmon, and Per had the proper sushi kit. After eating sausage for a couple of days, sushi was pretty nice.


Sep 12

Winter Project Trailer

Here’s the trailer for Winter Project’s part in the Junkies On a Budget movie. The first action shot is of me. Fun cliff in Riksgränsen! Don’t forget the Scandinavian Premiere on Debaser Medis on the 21:st of September. More info HERE.

Fun air in Riksgränsen.

Sep 12

Car shoot

Had a car shoot with Daniel Rönnbäck the other day, on the way home from biking. Felt kind of weird. Ha ha. But I think he got some sweet pics! Below is my iPhone shot.

Pretty nice evening…


But first some biking.


And between some fishing. Good times! I like this shot. Water is the best mirror…

Sep 12

Small bike video

Small video from the biking with Daniel Rönnbäck yesterday. Awesome XC biking in Rörbäcksnäs!

Sep 12

Real work

Have been in Bynn since friday now. We’re changing roof on our cabin, and the old roof had to be removed before the carpenters could start. It was a dirty work… But good to fall asleep immediately when you go to bed.

Got some of my winter clothes, AND some biking clothes, from The North Face. So I’ve been just like a child on Christmas eve. Sweet.

Yesterday I was shooting biking with Daniel Rönnbäck in Sälen. Epic! Now I’m going up there again, for some fly fishing and more biking. Cheers!