Nov 12

Mission Antarctic

If you haven’t watched this site, you should: Mission Antarctic. It’s Xavier de le Rue and the rest of the TimeLine muppets (Tero and Guido), together with Lucas Debari and Renan Ozturk. In other words: a bunch of mega talented people. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram under #missionantarctic. Here’s the trailer:

Nov 12


Don’t know how I can explain this to people who don’t know me very well. I guess the easiest thing would just be to look at my face. This is seconds after Klas gave me a late birthday gift – a pretty heavy book about fire.

“Pretty” stoked.

Went to Niklas with Beas family yesterday. New favorite on the menu. Creamy…

Nov 12

Interview with Freeride.se

Did a small interview with freeride.se yesterday. They just posted it, HERE. It’s a “5 favorites” interview, about which five books meant most to me through my days. Read it, and read those books.

“Eating books”, is a Swedish expression.

Nov 12

Not ok…

Yesterday the owner of Engelberg called me. That’s Little Yves Hüsler for those who don’t know. He was at the top of Mount Titlis with Oskar Enander and Linus Archibald. It was sunny. He was drinking a beer. That’s not ok…

Little Yves. Little beer.

Nov 12

My best video

Found this on my computer a while ago. Can’t understand how I forgot it… It’s from a fishing trip last summer. Feel a bit bad, but the line between “fun” and “mean” is always thin…

Apart from that I’ve mostly been training and writing. Had a sweet weekend up at the cabin this last weekend though! Click the pictures to read the captions if you’re looking at Freeride.se

Stokes this week: A lot of coverage in The Ski Journal, a couple of shots in Powder Magazine, first day skiing, the new Ronco Jacket from The North Face.


Nov 12

Pizza madness and KNERTINGS

First of all – THANK YOU ALL US FRIENDS!!! If you’re a “communist Swede”, Obama is still a mad man. But he’s not half as mad as Romney. So I want to thank everybody who voted for Obama.

Second – had a couple of more avalanche and ABS clinics with The North Face. It was fun, and a lot of people both at Alpingaraget and AddNature. Fun to see! Good times with beer and hot dogs at Alpingaraget, and pizza mayhem at AddNature. Click the pics and read the captions to know why I slept so good yesterday.

But first of all – a movie from this summer. Sweet memories with Hansiii.

Nov 12

Next year’s clothes, and some avalanche safety

Just went to bed at my sisters place in Falköping. It’s been a fun, but long day. Main thing was an avalanche safety clinic with mountain guide Mikke Eriksson at Udéns Sport in Gothenburg. Was fun to hear, and always good with reminders. I did some talking about the new The North Face ABS pack, and why I always use it.

Managed to get a look at the new clothes from The North Face too. Sick styles! Wish I could show more.

Have to sleep now…


Learning stuff. And pulling an ABS, of course.

Four tired self portraits on the way back.