Dec 12

Merry Christmas, and two new sponsors!

Well, first of all: Merry Christmas! Hope you’re having a good one. I’m hanging out with the FKPG Terror Squad in Falköping. Good family times, even though I’m not the biggest fan of this giving mania… So, I sorted it, and only bought gifts from SOS Barnbyar this year. Felt good!

Today’s stoke came after I printed and signed a contract for Ski Unlimited. Contract sounds too serious for this though, since I’m good friends with the people there, and is just super happy that I’ve started working with them! I’m gonna help them with some stuff, and they’re gonna help me with some stuff. It’s a so called win win, and I’m happy for this!

I know I already mentioned this also, but I’m still very stoked about my new ski sponsor too. Blizzard and Tecnica is having a bright future in front of them. And them is us now. Sweet!

Here are some shots from the last days (three first photos from Roberto Parisse):

Dec 12

Pow vs city

Earlier today:




Have had a couple of good days in Engelberg. Skied fast pow with Seb, Niklas and Sponkan today. Now I’m in Stockholm, and it’s very late. Tired… Always good to be in Stockholm though!

By the way – you see some change in my equipment?

Dec 12


Me and Tom-Oliver just started something, that will develop into a few episodes during the winter. Here’s a first little glimpse. Spread it if you like it!


Dec 12

Andermatt dala shred

I have two very good friends visiting here. Hansiii and Ryvangs. Good times! Engelberg was closed today, but Ski Lodge Engelberg’s “Powder Express” is always ready for a mission to some other resort, so we went to Andermatt, and actually had a really good day in the bushes!

Dec 12

Gangshred in Engelberg

Such fun day today! Did some filming with Tom-Oliver and Matilda first, and then hooked up with Wille Lindberg and Olof Larsson for a couple of laps. So fun! Took one picture, and claim pocket camera banger. Ha ha. Also filmed Wille backflipping into the secret creed. Goood times!

Wille on a classic location.

Dec 12

Best day this season!

Today was such a fun day! Was gangshredding with my Hausfrau Matilda Rapaport, Tom-Oliver, Piers Solomon, Wille Lindberg, Olof Larsson and some more dudes. Watched Oskar Enander shoot some great pics, and then went to Ski Lodge Engelberg for a well deserved (but small) après. Finished the evening with burgers at the Paradiesli Beach Boys. Sweet!

Dec 12

Epic POW!

It’s not so hard to get up at 6.30 when you had a day like this yesterday:

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Dec 12


Had a bit too much to do lately, but it’s still been fun! Was in Sälen yesterday. Second day skiing. And it was actually quite fluffy! Engelberg seem ridiculous though, so it feels good to be heading down there in a couple of days…

I’m most stoked on the new movie from Xavier de le Rue and the rest of the TimeLine muppets – White Noise. Super honored to be featured in there even if it’s only a couple of turns. Check it out!

Went to a “pretty” weird second hand shop in Skarpnäck. But they had Dala Horses! I bought all they had. Four.

And also a “new” TV-pot. Equally stoked on that!

Got my pocket pistol back! It’s been broken for a year, but my dad left it to some true-dude who repaired it. Best companion on fishing trips…

And yesterday I went skiing in Sälen. Small hills, but so fun! I actually spent an hour shooting with Daniel Rönnbäck. Weird to do that in Sälen. But fun!