Feb 13

Andermatt gang shred

Have been to the neighbor resort Andermatt a couple of days now, shredding with the Björk Brothers, Kristoffer Turdell, Eric Zeller and some more locals. Here are some pictures. Good times! Click on the photos for captions if you’re reading at Freeride.se.

Feb 13


Have been down in the village a few days now, being sick. It’s kind of weird, cause I can’t remember last time sickness kept me away from skiing for this long. It’s only a week, but it still sucks. My lungs are hurting, and I’m coughing like hell.

Anyway, today I went up on the mountain with Patrick Vuagnat, and up there we hooked up with Simpa, Linus Archibald and Mattias Hargin. I didn’t really have any expectations, but I got so surprised!

I ve been skiing the 186 Blizzard Bodacious since new years, but went back to the 196 today, and… I really like it. I like long skis! The 186 is perfect for most people I guess, and I really like shredding on it in Canada. But it just feels easier for me to have a longer ski. More stable.

Also went back to a fleece jacket I kind of forgot that I had – The North Face Radish Mid Layer (check last picture). It’s a fleece with a tight hood, that I use as balaclava. My favorite. No snow down the neck!

Well, check the pics. If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you need to click the photos to read the captions.

Feb 13


I wish it was sickness from doing rad stuff. But it’s not. Feeling really bad right now, and i don’t really know what it is. But… today I tried to ski, and it felt like I was gonna cough out my lungs… Well, hopefully some sleep will fix it!

There are two filmers from a new, French movie project here, so it sucks big time that I can’t ski. But Patrick Vuagnat just have to ski like two!

Some shots of Oskar Enander in this blog. And those are the last this winter. He tore his Achilles tendon yesterday. So sorry for him…

Click the pictures to read the captions and see them in bigger size. As usual…

Feb 13

Back in Engelberg

Some shots from the last day in Nelson, and first day in Engelberg. And in between…

Feb 13

Hello deep cut

Today Dr McBride, who fixed my chin yesterday, sent me a couple of before-stitches-photos he shot with his iPhone. Looks nice huh?

No reason to get cranky just cause you got a hole in your chin!

“Hello! Anybody home?”

Feb 13

Hospital and stitches

Finished the guide work for Ski Unlimited in Crystal Mountain a few days ago, and went back here to Nelson and Whitewater to shoot with Sweetgrass for a couple of more days. Unfortunately I ended up in the hospital today…

The last two days in Crystal Mountain were pretty awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bunch of people that stoked to ski! And that just makes me happy. Some had freeride skis, some had slope skis, and some had basic rental skis. But they all charged! I look at IT consultants in a new way now, that’s for sure.

Had one day of really fun filming. We did a “special shoot”. Fall 2013 you’ll see what that means. Yesterday we did a couple of sunset cliffs. Super fun! Even though I landed on rocks. They were steep rocks, so it was ok.

Today I went out early morning with photo wizard Adam Clark, who came here yesterday. Super stoked to get to shoot with him! But unfortunately just did it for 20 minutes or so. Then I hit some kind of anti-transition on a small cliff, and punched my knee to my chin, and had to go and get some stitches. Seven I think it looks like…

Read the captions for details. If you’re looking at my blog at Freeride.se, you have to click the pictures to read the caption.

Feb 13

Crystal Mountain in our hearts

Skied a couple of days in Crystal Mountain now, and is happy as can be. There’s some amazing terrain here, and even though the conditions are a bit challenging, we found some fun runs, both on the slopes and beside them. For those of you who don’t know why I’m here – I’m guiding a group for Ski Unlimited together with my good friend Per Huss. People are stoked to ski, and that makes me happy! Have mostly been skiing slopes today, but are still stoked on my Blizzard Bodacious! They’re fast! Ha ha. Edges are still good, and they work good, like a GS ski. (Due to crap internet, this post is 24 hours late. More coming.)


Feb 13


Just had the first day here in the US, guiding a group for Ski Unlimited. Was a good first day! Even though the conditions were a bit “rough”. Before this, I had some mellow and fun days in Nelson with the Sweetgrass crew. Sad to leave them, but good to be here! Look at the pics and read the captions for more understanding!

Feb 13


Just hooked up with Per “PG” Huss in Seattle. We’re gonna do a week of guiding for Ski Unlimited, with a group of jet lagged IT moguls. Tomorrow is the first day on skis. Gonna be fun to see Alpental!