Mar 13

Gotthard powder video

A few days ago me, Mattias Hargin and Lars Windlin went to the other side of the Gotthard tunnel. We found some powder, and I did a video. Good times!

Screengrab from the video. Favorite frame...

Mar 13

Glacier Express day 1 – St Moritz

Just started a mission together with Sverre LiliequistChristoffer Sjöström and Kina Zeidler. We’re doing the Glacier Express for the Swedish newspaper SvD and some other magazines. Had our first day shooting yesterday, and it went about as good as it could with the conditions we have here. It’s good at some places, but we had to search for them…

Today it’s overcast, and no new snow, so we’re gonna shoot some diamonds and other St Moritz stuff. It’s kind of fun to see this town. So different from… me, and what I normally do. But, you can always learn something from it. Here are some pics from yesterday. If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you need to click the pictures to see the captions.

Oh! And I must nog forget to say BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Matilda Rapaport, who I’m living together with in Engelberg. She got a wildcard to Verbier Extreme, and managed to win the competition. So awesome! Happy for her, but not surprised.

Mar 13

Engelberg – powder – St Moritz

Had a good morning today, shredding powder in Engelberg with Mattias Hargin and Sponkan from Ski Lodge Engelberg. Then I packed my gear, and now I’m in St Moritz with Sverre Liliequist and Christoffer Sjöström. Gonna do the Glacier Express. A good week coming up!


Mattias Hargin in the blue morning light. Snow's ok in Engelberg now...


Was preeetty hard to leave Engelberg to do this for half a day. But hopefully it will pay off tomorrow!

Mar 13

Powder and shooting

Engelberg had a couple of really good days now. It’s been deep powder, and I’ve been shooting some together with Mattias Fredriksson. It’s been me, Oskar Scherlin (Who I haven’t met before. Nice guy!), Mattias girlfriend Elle, and Sebastian Garhammer. Good crew! Here are a couple of photos. More coming. If you’re reading at Freeride.se, you need to click photos for captions.

Mar 13

Freeride World Tour photo blog

Came back from the Freeride World Tour in Fieberbrunn a few days ago. Since then, I’ve been skiing and skinning some, but have too many photos! So we start with the ones from Fieberbrunn…

The best thing about being there, was that I got to meet Marja. I haven’t seen her in a long time, and that sucks. But it was so good to see her, and see her shred again! She looked solid, even if it was a long time since she skied.

It was also good to meet the Swedes on the tour, and the people from The North Face. Saw some new faces, and had some interesting discussions. Good times! The tour has gone so big now, and… Yeah, it’s a big event! Nice to see.

When I came back, I finally mounted my 193 Blizzard Gunsmoke. I put the new Dynafit Beast on them. Just started trying both of them, but both feels really good so far! Big thanks to Linus Archibald at OKAY shop in Engelberg who helped me with the mounting. Guess I could do it myself, but… Linus might do it better. Ha ha.

Click images to see them big, and read captions if you’re at Freeride.se.

Mar 13

Luminou – new short film from Winter Project

Here’s a new short film from Winter Project – Luminou. If you haven’t seen the movie In Space from Junkies on a budget, this is totally fresh material. Have a look, and enjoy a fresh view on the genre. Other riders are Per Jonsson, Adam Falk, Simon Ericson and Jesper Tjäder.

Mar 13


Preeetty stoked to try these two new things tomorrow!


Mar 13

FWT Fieberbrunn

Good times at the FWT in Fieberbrunn. But where is Xavier?! It’s Beer o’clock!


Mar 13

Magazines and dinners

Flew back from Stockholm to Engelberg today. Sitting and waiting for my luggage, that I thought would be here already. Lost luggage sucks so bad…

Mar 13

Dry or Die

Bought several magazines that made me stoked today. Latest issue of Flugfiakefeber was one of them, where my fishing mentor Stefan Ågren from Frontside Fly write an article on Dry or Die. Stoked that a couple of my trouts made the photo cut, and that I got to say my meaning on DoD!