Jun 13

New gear

Back in Stockholm now, after a nightmare trip back from France. Had a nice weekend in Dalarna after that though. Check out some iPhone shots of new gear and classic Swedish midsummer:

Got up at 03.25 am Friday. This is at Frankfurt airport, half way through a 16-hour-trip. Can you see the ghost?

Got a small welcome-home-present from Bea. She’s starting to get it! Haha.

Classic Midsummer weather – sun, and Mordor in the background.

This guy always makes you happy though! It’s Malung’s most famous alcoholic. After I took this photo, he said: “You gonna go home and wank off to the photo now?” Hahaha!

Our strawberries missed us…

Went biking, with new POC shades. Perfect for biking, and fishing! They’re polarized, of course.

And new backpack. Litho 18 from The North Face. Perfect for hydration, and some protection.

AND! New shoes from Addnature. Sweden’s best and biggest online store for… Almost everything that has something to do with the outdoors. I really liked these shoes. Thought they were gonna be “less performing” than my old bike shoes. But they’re actually really stiff and good! With SPD. Sweet!

They didn’t help me up this tricky bugger though. Super stoked on my new Canyon 29:er, but not even that took me up. Today maybe!

Straight from biking, to IKEA, to no time for cooking. But rotten cheese, old wine and mom’s even older marmalade ain’t a bad dinner either! Haha.

Jun 13

Faces from The North Face Athlete Summit

Here are some photos I’ve been shooting today. It’s full on meetings all day long here in Xavier de le Rue’s house in Capbreton. My partners in crime is also Markus Eder, Sebastian Hanneman, Sam Smoothy, Marja Persson and the two Pou Brother came by too, even if they’re climbers and not in the snowsports team. Good times! The only problem we have, is that Flossie, who’s cooking the food together with her man, is doing it waaay too good, and I think I’m gaining 100 gram per hour. Ha ha.

Jun 13

The North Face athlete summit

First of all is a short update what I’ve been up to last month. Should be good after som blog silence… So, just click the photos and read the captions.

At the moment I’m hanging out with my family from European side of The North Face snowsports team. We’re in Xavier de le Rue’s houes in Capbreton/Hossegor. Good times!

More pictures from here later!

Jun 13

Short biking video

Ciao. Long blog silence from me. Sorry about that. I’m returning now. Starting light today, with a short video from the biking in Scotland last week. Had an epic stay in Innerleithen! Rode my XC bike (Canyon Nerve AL 8.9), and was a bit scared it wouldn’t be enough on the downhill side. But… worked well! And I think I had the best “up-bike” by far. Ha ha.

Thanks Gösta Fries for inviting me, and thanks alla others for the time there.