Sep 13

Epicness in Switzerland

Have been in Grindelwald for a couple of days now. Ridiculous place with such cool mountains surrounding the place. It’s been raining pretty hard here lately, but yesterday we saw some really good trails, and got some epic biking in there, together with some photos that Oskar seemed extremely stoked about. We’ve had good help from our guides here in Grindelwald. Especially yesterday when we weren’t limited by the weather, Phillipp could show us a lot of the goods Grindelwald has to offer. Merci!

Been a couple of good days here, and it’s nice to hang out with Oskar and Johan (check out Johan’s blog, good shots) from Ski Lodge Engelberg.

Here are some phone shots.

Oskar: “It’s so beautiful here, I don’t even have to look in the lens to shoot bangers.”

This could very well be the best Instagram shot I’ve taken. It’s not just cows, a biker and mountains – it’s the goddamn Eiger in the background! Mamma Mia…

Could resist to do one more of that. Different day, cows and mountain. But same Johan. It’s on the way to the last run. Good times!

Sep 13


Sweet day in the Haslital area today! Couple of iPhone shots:

Johan Axelsson rolling around looking for new trails.

It ain’t that bad here…

Sep 13

Romsdalen, I love you

Well. Today was also king. Here’s Janne, smooth operating through the trees close to Åndalsnes.


Sep 13

Epicness in Norway

Norway is treating us very very good. Been here a couple of days now, and can’t say anything else than… that I’m so stoked about being here. I’m on a trip together with Mattias Fredriksson and his girlfriend Elle. We’re shooting a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, but mostly biking. We’re staying at Tommy and Renate’s place Villa Vengetind. They have 15 beds, local knowledge, are kick ass bikers and chefs and… just happy to stay at their place here. Check out their webpage, and visit them!

Sep 13


Small update of what I’ve been up to lately:


Biking in Gothenburg. Pretty awesome!


Got really drunk in Bynn. Pjuh… Fun though!


Biking and climbing.


Business meeting with Sverre Liliequist from Kask (we chose to have it on a trail. Good meeting!)


Business meeting with Simba. Need to hang more with him. Here he’s coaching Aron for the Dødshopp comp.


Remembering summer with this big ass trout from a river you’ll never see.


Bought a pair of KICK ASS binocular-glasses at a flea market.


And now I just made myself a decent pot of coffee, and are gonna try to work my ass off for the next 12 hours. Cheers!