Dec 12


Had a bit too much to do lately, but it’s still been fun! Was in Sälen yesterday. Second day skiing. And it was actually quite fluffy! Engelberg seem ridiculous though, so it feels good to be heading down there in a couple of days…

I’m most stoked on the new movie from Xavier de le Rue and the rest of the TimeLine muppets – White Noise. Super honored to be featured in there even if it’s only a couple of turns. Check it out!

Went to a “pretty” weird second hand shop in Skarpnäck. But they had Dala Horses! I bought all they had. Four.

And also a “new” TV-pot. Equally stoked on that!

Got my pocket pistol back! It’s been broken for a year, but my dad left it to some true-dude who repaired it. Best companion on fishing trips…

And yesterday I went skiing in Sälen. Small hills, but so fun! I actually spent an hour shooting with Daniel Rönnbäck. Weird to do that in Sälen. But fun!

Nov 12

Pizza madness and KNERTINGS

First of all – THANK YOU ALL US FRIENDS!!! If you’re a “communist Swede”, Obama is still a mad man. But he’s not half as mad as Romney. So I want to thank everybody who voted for Obama.

Second – had a couple of more avalanche and ABS clinics with The North Face. It was fun, and a lot of people both at Alpingaraget and AddNature. Fun to see! Good times with beer and hot dogs at Alpingaraget, and pizza mayhem at AddNature. Click the pics and read the captions to know why I slept so good yesterday.

But first of all – a movie from this summer. Sweet memories with Hansiii.

Oct 12

Double drop from “In Space”

Everybody is posting stuff about the new snow, and I’m stuck in Stockholm. AAAAHHH!!! But I just found this video on my Vimeo page. It was set to private, cause Winter Project didn’t know if they were gonna use it in our edit for the Junkies On a Budget movie In Space. Well, it didn’t make the movie, but Nicke’s shot of the same run did. So look at this as a teaser, and the go to iTunes and buy the real movie HERE. The video is from 9:th of May. Pretty good snow for that date…


Mid-air screen print.

Oct 12


Sweet edit from Winter Project and Junkies On a Budget. A small medley from the shoots this winter.

Oct 12

Two covers

Had a sweet week publicity wise. First I got the cover of Swedish bike magazine Kadens. I was in Rörbäcksnäs with photographer Daniel Rönnbäck to do a story on the biking there. So, the story is in the magazine. Buy it and read it. And go to Rörbäcksnäs! It’s a cool place, with ridiculously good single tracks.

This morning I saw Oskar Enander poster a picture on Facebook. It was my second cover this week. Japanese BravoSki decided to run one of Oskar’s shots on their front page. Stoked for that! It’s from a run in Haines, AK. Fun run! I was, as you can see, sliding a lot. Ha ha.

Click the pictures for bigger images!

Oct 12


Visited Marja Persson at the hospital in Uppsala today. She had surgery yesterday, and fixed a couple of bones that weren’t perfect. Now they are, and I’m looking forward to ski some powder with Marja later this winter! It was great seeing her. She haven’t had an easy journey since that crash in Kirkwood, but she’s still so positive. A great inspiration! If you haven’t read her blog – click HERE. Everyday life from a different perspective…

“Is that a cigarette?!”
“Nono. Just another needle in my stomach.”

Started this day with some biking. Muddy… Tried a new Paclite jacket from The North Face I was extremely stoked on though!

Then went to Transition to shoot my equipment for the winter.

And then straight to Alpingaraget to shoot some more stuff from The North Face.

Sep 12


Just picked up my car after the 30000 km service. Not a microscopical problem = so stoked on that car! Thanks to the awesome people at Volkswagen Akalla!


Sep 12

Car shoot

Had a car shoot with Daniel Rönnbäck the other day, on the way home from biking. Felt kind of weird. Ha ha. But I think he got some sweet pics! Below is my iPhone shot.

Pretty nice evening…


But first some biking.


And between some fishing. Good times! I like this shot. Water is the best mirror…

Sep 12

Small bike video

Small video from the biking with Daniel Rönnbäck yesterday. Awesome XC biking in Rörbäcksnäs!

Sep 12

Real work

Have been in Bynn since friday now. We’re changing roof on our cabin, and the old roof had to be removed before the carpenters could start. It was a dirty work… But good to fall asleep immediately when you go to bed.

Got some of my winter clothes, AND some biking clothes, from The North Face. So I’ve been just like a child on Christmas eve. Sweet.

Yesterday I was shooting biking with Daniel Rönnbäck in Sälen. Epic! Now I’m going up there again, for some fly fishing and more biking. Cheers!